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Labiaplasty Surgery - Advanced Pelvic Surgery of Liberty Township, Ohio

By: Dr. Gregory Owens UrogynecologistLabiaplasty surgery
Post Date: 5/18/2015

Surgery is a serious matter to be carefully considered in every case. Regardless if the surgery is for the removal of a tooth or a tumor, a cosmetic procedure or a corrective issue, the surgery should be done by the best surgical-specialist in the field of medicine for which you are seeking the surgery.

In today’s social world, many professions can make claims about being something they are not; they can post a photo or two, write up a “testimonial” and start a new business.

But at Advanced Pelvic Surgery, we take surgery very seriously. While our name says surgery, many times we can provide a solution to a medical problem by using other methods of treatments. We also make surgery the last best case scenario, and only when absolutely necessary.

Recently a procedure called a labiaplasty has gained popularity. This is plastic surgery on the most private part of a woman’s anatomy, the labia or the two flaps of skin on either side of a woman’s vagina or vulva. The surgery is being done for many reasons including cosmetic reasons, comfort and stimulation, or due to an issue resulting from giving birth. Regardless of the reasons, any surgery should be done by the most competent surgeon available.

Dr. Greg Owens of Advanced Pelvic Surgery has performed many of these, mostly elective, surgeries. His knowledge of the female pelvic region qualifies him to make vital decisions at any time during the surgery. His expertise in all female surgery places him at the forefront of this type of procedure. While many plastic surgeons claim to know what they are doing, most perform surgery on noses, eyes, lips and ears. While Dr. Owens could probably do surgery on your nose, would he be your first choice?

If you are considering labiaplasty, for whatever reason, please see Dr. Greg Owens before you make a choice of surgeons. It is a private matter and one that requires the skill of a knowledgeable women’s pelvic surgeon. Click here to contact us and schedule an appointment | Download the full Press Release here

Full Press Release from PRweb - Dr. Greg Owens, Advanced Pelvic Surgery, Cincinnati, Now Performing Labiaplasty Surgery

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