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4 Most Common Causes Of Pelvic Pain In Women

What are the most common reasons for pelvic pain in women?

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If you are experiencing pain slightly below your belly or part of the lower abdomen, it could be pelvic pain. In women, pelvic pain can be caused by a number of issues. Sometimes it can be a sign of periods, digestive disorder, or ovulation. Pelvic pain can develop into a serious health problem. Let's take a look at four common causes of pelvic pain in women.


Scar Tissue

If you’ve ever had any surgery, injury, or infection, there are high chances of experiencing pelvic pain. Scar tissue (adhesions) is a collection of cells that form between two organs, and when stretched, they can cause pain. Adhesions on the lowest part of your abdomen can lead to pelvic pain and other health problems.



Endometriosis occurs when a tissue lining grows outside the womb. It can also occur in the fallopian tube, ovaries, or intestines. Endometriosis can cause mild, severe, and long-lasting pelvic pain in some women. During your periods, these bands of tissues can break down, causing a lot of bleeding and inflammation around the pelvis.


Painful Periods

Have you ever experienced painful periods? This is usually the pain you feel in your lower belly (commonly known as cramps). In most cases, they last between one to three days. But why feel the pain? Every month, your uterus prepares itself for implantation by building up tissue lining. Once you don’t become pregnant, the lining breaks down, finding its way out of your body during your period. As the uterus tries to push it out, you can experience pelvic cramps.


Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts happen when the ovaries fail to release the eggs. This occurs when the follicle fails to open and gets clogged with fluid. When a cyst occurs, it can cause swelling, bloating, and significant pelvic pain. Sometimes a cyst may twist and end up bursting. This can cause severe pain that might require immediate attention.

Most pelvic pain doesn't necessarily need medical attention, but there are some situations when you need to see a doctor. These are occasions when the pain is severe, and you might want an examination. At Advanced Pelvic in West Chester, we can help you understand and overcome your pelvic pain.