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4 Most Common Pelvic Pain Symptoms

What are the most common symptoms of pelvic pain in women

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Pelvic pain in women can be an indication of an existing problem around the pelvic area. Sometimes pelvic pain can be less risky (with mild pains) and other times severe, or even chronic. There are several symptoms related to pelvic pain in women, and at Advanced Pelvic Surgery in West Chester, we want to help women overcome these symptoms.


Severe and Steady Pain

In some women, pelvic pain can be progressive (comes and goes), while for others it can be constant. If you are feeling severe and steady pain in your pelvis, it may be bad enough to ruin your daily routines, and seeking medical attention might be the better way to go.


Dull Aches

One of the common symptoms of pelvic pain in women is dull aching. The pain may occur suddenly or can be ongoing while moving toward the lower part of your pelvic area. It can also extend to the abdomen. Although dull pains may not stop you from doing your normal daily activities, they can get worse over time, resulting in plenty of discomfort.


Sharp Pains or Cramping

Cramping is a discomfort sensation that you may feel around your pelvic area. It is sharp and can last for one to three days. Most women, at some point in their life, have experienced cramping. Menstrual cramps are sometimes an indication that there's a problem with one of your reproductive organs.


Pain While Having a Bowel Movement or Urinating

If you experience pelvic pain when urinating or when emptying your bowel, you should talk to your physician about it and figure out the issue. Sometimes, diet changes and stress management can be used to combat these symptoms.

There are many symptoms of pelvic pain — chronic, progressive, and acute. The treatment of pelvic pain depends on the cause and the symptoms. You can talk to your doctor for more information about different treatments for pelvic pain. If you’d like to know more about how Advanced Pelvic Surgery can help you, please contact us today.

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